About Us


A Group commenced its commercial activity in Turkey in 2003 by exporting FMCG products to Turkmenistan. In 2009 it established a branch called Halys in Turkmenistan to distribute well-known brands nationwide.


In 2009, the first supermarket was opened and this has been followed by opening other branches of the supermarkets in various locations in Turkmenistan.


In 2015, a fish farm plant was established in Turkmenistan to breed sturgeon fish, caviar and to produce various types of canned fish.


In 2015, due to high demand in the market, A Group decided to commence manufacturing baby products starting with baby diapers, baby shampoo and wet wipes. Soon after Happix was launched.


In just one year, Happix managed to enter into 20 countries in 5 continents with solid presence.


Our ultimate and main goal is to make mothers and babies happy with our products which is exactly what our brand stands for. Happix! Happy Babies!


Baby Care Product


Happix Premium baby diaper is specially designed for your baby’s comfort.

Adult Diaper


Enjoy your life with Alltimes! Alltimes provides complete protection even in motion in cases of involuntary incontinence.

General Cleaning Product 


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